New Customer Acquisition
Postcard Mailers
Target the right customers, at the right time, with the right offers. Our Service Reminders program improves customer retention as much as 10% or more.

  Improves retention 10% or more
  Virtually unlimited artwork options
  See your results online


Postcard Mailers

Loyalty Rewards is the easiest and most cost-effective customer loyalty program available. Designed for dealers. Easy to implement. Great results.

  Up to 65% response!
  Increase average invoice by $18
  ROI is off the charts!


Postcard Mailers

This highly effective twice-annual Customer Appreciation greeting card program is proven to significantly increase your shop’s revenues. Our average dealer added almost $10,000 in additional sales per location and sold 14% more tires. The average response rate was an astounding 35%!

  Average 35% response rate!
  $9,900 average additional sales per location
  14% more tires sold
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New Customer Acquisition
Postcard Mailers
Use prospecting postcards to drive new business or promote an event at your store. This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your shop.
  List selection
  Creative design
  Mailing services
  ROI response reporting
  Oversized postcards available
Low Cost Prospect Mailing
Utilizing the USPS Every Door Direct Mail™ service, our EDDM Low Cost Prospect Mailing lets your business send promotional and advertising mail to your desired target without the need to acquire an address list or print specific names and addresses on your mail pieces. It gets your marketing messages directly into the hands of consumers while reducing mail preparation costs.
  Build more traffic
  Find new customers
  Increase revenue
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